Water Sliding: The Swim-mungous membership offer available - Diaz Water Park, Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay

Offer available – awaiting your application!

Let’s bring the fun back into our lives and families with this fun-tastic offer.  We literally want to make Aqua Fun affordable and boost your family’s socializing and relaxation needs to the top of your bucket list.

Apply now – It’s Easy

  • Download & Print the Application form

  • Complete the application form

  • Present it with your Proof of Payment (POI) at the Diaz Water Park

  • OR email with your POI to  

Button for the Swim-mungous Membership application form. Diaz Water Park, Mossel Bay.


eazZZY Conditions

1 Price

For R2000 you and your family or group of up to 5 people have full access to all the slides for one year.  At the normal rate, R2000 will give you and your family extreme fun for only x5 hours, now for the same price, you can have fun for the whole year.

2 Unlimited Access

You have full access when the park is open.  Take note that due to the very nature of our business the Diaz Water Park offer seasonal entertainment and closes during the winter months.  Fun seekers will have full access during the spring and summer months up to 1 May.  We open again for the June-July holidays only.  For more info, follow us on Facebook.

3 Membership Period

You have unlimited access, during operating hours, for a period of 12 months, calculated from the date of purchase. 

4 Membership Card

Customers that buy a year membership will be presented with a Membership Card, which will indicate the expiry date.  Please keep this card for the period of your membership, as it will be your entrance ticket for your membership period.

5 Entrance Permission

To obtain entrance to the park during the period of your membership, you must at all times present the membership card at the entrance gate.

6 Number of Members per Membership

Each membership purchase allows unlimited access to the park to a maximum of 5 people.  Take note that this is ‘unlimited access’ to the Water Park during its operating hours.

7 Extra People in your Group / Family

R100 / extra person / visit

During any given visit that falls within your membership period, you may acquire extra access for any additional people in your group at R100 per extra person.  In short, it is R100 per extra person per visit during the time period of your purchased membership.

Friends at Diaz Water Park, Mossel Bay
Friends at Diaz Water Park, Mossel Bay