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I mean really, what a bargain, R3 per day gets all access to Diaz Water Park!
What do you need? Simple. Join our Membership plan. The offer ends on the 28th of February 2021.
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Hi everyone, Dirk Steyn here from Diaz Water Park.

We are offering a solution to our clientele this year which is the opportunity to join the Diaz Water Park Membership program. The Membership is valid for 24 months, with no restrictions to the activities throughout the 24 months. The Membership is R1600, and you as a member may add as many people onto your profile for an additional R600 per person. I mean really, what a bargain!

T’s & C’s : Membership plans must be bought before the end of February 2021; Membership is applicable until January 2023; Members have access when the Waterpark is open – please see our “Times” page. Remember, Diaz Waterpark is weather permitted. If you have already bought any tickets before-hand, contact accounts@diazwaterpark.co.za to get a refund code which can then be used when purchasing a Membership.

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